Maintenance & Service Work:
Before starting any maintenance or repair work, we will inform you of all the risks involved.  Many times when attempting to repair or replace older plumbing fixtures and lines, more problems can arise.  With a well explained summary of the consequences involved, the surprises of additional costs are reduced. 
Residential Hot Water Heaters, Tubs/Showers/Toilets, Sinks/Faucets, Sump Pumps, Garbage Disposals, Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Dryer vent cleaning, Chimney Liners
Drain Work: 
We have a large assortment of equipment at our disposal for just about any drain situation, inside or outside, residential or commercial.  In some cases, especially with older plumbing, knowing when to say when is the key.  We will always offer an alternate course of action if your drain can not be cleared using conventional methods in order to avoid any additional damage. 
New Construction & Remodeling:
Before any projects get underway, we inspect each job and explore your goals with you.  With your goals in mind, we will offer you the best options based on our evaluation and more importantly, your budget.  We will also plan your plumbing work with future expansion in mind.
Complete bathroom & kitchen remodel, handicap renovations, fixture replacement. Unlike handymen, we are fully licensed and insured. License, certificates of insurance and references are always available. 

Heater and gas fireplace inspections: 
We can provide inspection certification for heaters and gas fireplaces, 

Services Offered