Frozen Pipes? 
We can help.....Call us as soon as you suspect frozen pipes in many cases we can prevent or minimize damage. 

As the seasons change so do the challenges of maintaining your home. Some of the things you can do to prevent problems are very easy. 
 - Disconnect all outside hoses from the faucet before the first        frost. Even frost free fixtures can freeze and break. 
-  Ensure that all pipes are insulated and protected from wind,          especially in hard to get to crawlspaces
- Have an annual service and inspection of your boiler. 
- Check your sump pumps weekly  
- Keep all outside vents clear of snow and debris
- Test CO detectors weekly
- Change your heater filters every 30 days

Do everything you can to prevent frozen pipes and expensive repairs:
High Effieiency heaters have condensate lines that freeze if they are in an unheated area. They also freeze outside if they do not drain properly. 

Make sure crawl spaces are closed up, any open entrances will allow freezing air to get in. Broken windows, access doors, or any opening to the outside must be sealed. 
For manufactured homes, repair any gaps in skirting or outside accesses. 
10 minutes spent now can save you hundreds of dollars later!